Most businesses use specialty products. They acknowledge milestones, share recognition, and show appreciation by giving products. Promotional products are used by organizations for marketing, branding, and introductions. Branded merchandise is distributed to prospects, customers, and employees. They’re available on-site, online, and in company stores. Promotional products are a part of the American business culture. Consumers expect, appreciate, and keep promotional products. Are you taking advantage of all the promotional product opportunities available to you?

Promotional Product Occasions Checklist

Holidays – From holiday cards to branded apparel ‘tis the season.

Trade Shows – Drive prospects to your booth and show a little love to valuable customers.

Employee recognition – Show respect for tenure, milestones, and accomplishments.

Customer appreciation – One of the best ways to stay connected with valuable clients.

Vendor acknowledgment– Vendors have a tremendous impact on the bottom line. Let ‘em know you care.

New product launch – Promote new products and services with branded specialties.

Open house – Don’t forget branded giveaways and door prizes.

Website – Offer promotional products in exchange for opting in.

Local media – Don’t forget products for local print and on-air personalities. It can pay off.

Unexpected visitors – Have branded promotional products ready for a surprise visit from a potential customer, client, or interested party.

How to use this Checklist

Preparation for any and all of the opportunities check listed above is a key ingredient of successful promotional marketing. Branded products gathering dust in a closet don’t offer much of an ROI, nor do products that are one-size-fits-all. Promotional products should be geared to the event and consumer. Begin preparation with these three points:

  • Be aware of the opportunities available in your industry and market.
  • Choose appropriate products for each occasion.
  • Inform staff when and how to use promotional products.

It Works if you Work it

Taking the time to analyze the opportunities and prepare for them will improve promotional product marketing possibilities. Using specialty products to promote your brand is a proven and cost-effective marketing strategy. If something works—do more of it. If you’d like to learn about branded promotional products for your business Contact Us. We’d like the opportunity.