Winter in Indiana is cold, dark, icy, and gray. Yea, that pretty much describes the season here in central Indiana. But also, this holds true for most of the Midwest and more. In the cold zone, an ice scraper is worth its weight in gold. Remember that time you were at work when an ice storm hit, and you didn’t have a scraper, so you tried to use a credit card, and it broke in half? Remember that. Or the many times you were certain there was an ice scraper under the front seat, but there wasn’t? Yea, me too. So, what’s this got to do with promotional products? Well, you can order branded promotional ice scrappers, and any customer of yours whose experienced not having a scraper when it was needed will appreciate having one. Does anyone else park in the driveway so both of their spouses’ cars can stay warm and dry in the garage? Yea, both. I’m passionate about ice scrapers.

Not Your Father’s Ice Scraper

Modern ice scrapers have come a long way. Here are a few examples of promotional scrappers:

  • Mittens and gloves such as a nylon, waterproof, fleece-lined mitten with a scraper that has a four-inch blade.
  • How about a Tri-blade? This scraper comes with three interchangeable blades, a scraper, chipper, and squeegee and all three blades store in the handle.
  • The visor scraper clips to your visor. I don’t think even I can lose this one. I want one as my second spare.
  • The Gripper helps you get a grip. It’s a heavy plastic scraper with a rubber grip.
  • How about a break ice scraper with a grip to place your thumb when you attack the ice on the windshield?
  • The snowflake scraper has snowflake blades on the front and teeth, to break up ice, on the back, and it will fit in most glove boxes or door compartments.
  • Let there be light! The LED backlit scraper lights the way, and here in Indy I need this when I’m scraping the ice off my KIA Soul in the morning before sunrise.
  • And how about a long boy scraper. The 24-inch wooden handle has a scraper on one end and brush on the other.

An Ice Scrapper is a Friend Maker

Giving your customer’s something as useful as an ice scraper is memorable. There are hundreds of ice scrapers available to add your brand to. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and price ranges. I’m certain we can find one that’s perfect for your business.

Here’s my favorite, the  Cadet Safety LED Ice Scraper, it’s a handheld scraper with 3 LED lights that doubles as a window breaker and seat belt cutter with batteries included.


If we can help, Contact Us. Let’s talk, we can … break the ice.

Here’s another great winter promotional product, Winter Driving Emergency Kit.

Photo by Nicolas J Leclercq on Unsplash