Studies conducted by ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) reveal we wear a lot of baseball caps in America. Promotional caps are owned and worn by many and there are even cap collectors. Why is that? According to ASI, 42% of cap wearers don specialty product caps because they look good — they’re attractive. I have a dozen ball caps from companies whose products I appreciate, companies I work with, my favorite football team, and three from racing teams (one is signed!) The ASI study shows 19% of our population owns and wears specialty product promotional baseball caps. Do you? Do you think your customers do?

“I’ve had a couple of caps for more than 15 years. A lot of folks have seen these ball caps. That’s a lot of free advertising. According to ASI one promotional cap generates 3,136 impressions over its lifetime.

What does it have to do with your organization? It’s a great way to share your message. Caps are relatively inexpensive, easy to brand, and they get a lot of exposure. If you haven’t created caps for your team it might be something you want to consider for your next marketing campaign. If you’d like to take a look at a few caps check it out –> Caps & Hats. Caps Make a Lasting Impression.

Who Wears Promotional Caps?

  • 27% of those earning $100,000 or more a year
  • 22% of Republicans
  • 18% of Democrats
  • 24% of men
  • 14% of women
  • 16% aged 21–34
  • 23% 35-44
  • 21% 45-54
  • 18% 55 or older

More Benefits of Ball Caps

Ball caps are a healthy headgear choice. They not only protect users from sunburn and from overexposure to ultraviolet rays, but they also can help regulate temperature preventing overheating in direct sunlight. And when ball caps aren’t worn backward, they offer protection from direct sunlight to your eyes. Ball caps can ward off sunburn, and help prevent skin cancer.

Are Caps Good Advertising?

Yes, they are. People who own promotional caps wear them everywhere and wear them year-round. A ball cap has ample space for advertising. It’s hard to miss and people keep the hats they like for a long time. One of my favorite caps is a Jeff Gordon, number 24, DuPont Chevy Lumina cap, which I’ve owned and worn for more than twenty years. That’s a lot of exposure for one little ball cap. If you’d like to learn more about representing your organization with a ball cap, Contact Us, we’ll be happy to re-CAP the advantages of ball caps for you.

Would you like to learn about the history of baseball caps? The History of Baseball Caps.