padfolio is a portable organizer with places for pens, papers, and presentations. They can be used to carry and protect mobile devices. They come in hundreds of sizes, styles, and shapes from thousands of manufacturers such as Kenneth Cole. A padfolio is a great way to help your team stay focused, organized and on point. And it’s an excellent specialty item to give to your valued customers.

Advantages of Padfolios

  • Unify team initiatives
  • Organize business items
  • Protect mobile devices
  • Promote the organization
  • Store documents and information

Types of Padfolios

There are as many types of padfolios as there are purposes for them. Here are a few.

  • Zippered, Velcro, or open
  • Ring binder and accordion
  • Presentation and steno
  • Tablet holders
  • Sets with pens and other office supplies

Padfolio Material and Design

The sky is the limit. Padfolios are available in multiple materials, colors, and styles.

  • Leather, aluminum, polyester, and bamboo
  • Polka dotted, multi-colored, or striped
  • Printed, embossed, or debossed

How can you use Padfolios? 

Padfolios can be used to organize a sales presentation, carry an iPad, and store business documents. It’s your office away from the office, a tool for the business road warrior, and it’s a great promotional product to give employees, vendors, and cherished customers. If you want to give something to folks that they’ll appreciate and use try a padfolio. It’s useful SWAG. If you’d like to learn more about padfolios let us know, or stop by our pad to see some examples.