So, why do sweatshirts and pants make sweet SWAG? There are two reasons, and both are why your organization should add branded sweats to your promotional product line up.

The First Reason

Before I share reason number one, I want you to do something. Take a minute and count the number of sweatpants and shirts you own. I’m going to go count too. I’ll be right back.

Okay, I’m back. I own three pairs of sweatpants and three sweatshirts. How many do you have? Here’s my point. People like sweats. They’re comfortable, easy to care for, and acceptable to wear most places.

In other words, they’re useful, and people keep useful things. I’ve had at least one of my sweatshirts for more than a decade.

The Second Reason

The second reason ties into the first. Sweats make good branded advertising pieces because they are useful, and people keep them.

The sweatshirt I’ve had for more than a decade is a navy blue pull-over, hooded sweat with the name, logo, and contact information of the company who gave it to me on the front and back.

Other than the businesses initial cost of the sweatshirt, I’ve been advertising for them, for free, for ten years.

Types of Sweatshirts and Pants

Wow, there are tons to choose from. Men’s, women’s, juniors, youths, toddlers, and infants are available. They come in any color you could think of including camo and two-tone.

There are shirts and pants galore; Fleece, pull-over, full-zip, half-zip, short sleeve, crew-neck, wide-neck, lace-up, and hooded to name a few.

Pants are available in open bottom, open hem styles as well as elastic bottomed. There are sports wick jogger sweat pants, heavy blend with pockets, and many more.

Don’t Sweat it We got This

You can find sweats to fit the needs of your organization, clients, and employee.

Here are a few pages of examples, TKO Marketing Solutions Sweatpants, and Sweatshirts.

If you’d like to order some sweats for your team Contact Us, will help you pick some sweet sweats the fit your brand. We’ll put some sugar on it!

Here’s something else to think about even though it’s a hot and humid 88 degrees here in sunny Indiana today. Is It Time to Order Fall and Winter SWAG?