When I began writing a post about promotional calendars. I wondered how many people used promotional calendars? But first I needed to know, do people still use paper calendars or have electronics taken over? Personally, I use both. I appreciate the ease with which I can glance at my desk calendar, and view my schedule and I couldn’t imagine living without my shared editorial calendar or being unable to schedule events in outlook from my phone. More and more, people depend on electronic calendars, but at the same time, many like me, use paper AND electronic calendars.

From desk pad calendars to “The Men of Fire Station Six” hanging above your co-workers’ desk, paper calendars aren’t extinct. Even if you’re totally committed to electronic calendars and would NEVER write anything on a paper calendar you’re probably surrounded by them. How many are in your workspace on others desks, hanging on the wall, or above the coffee pot? And what about home, do you still have one on the fridge; do your son and daughter have a superhero and a princess calendar?

Do People Use Promotional Calendars?

Back to my original question — do people use promotional calendars? According to a study from ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) they most certainly do. Not only that, but they’re kept an average of nine months, which is two months longer than the lifespan of specialty products in general, and 76% of these calendars are prominently displayed.

Who Owns These Promotional Calendars?

• 21% of US consumers own a promotional calendar
• 23% of women and 21% of men
• 28% of Ages 55+
• 28% of 45-54
• 25% of 35-44
• 13% of 21-34

Although many no longer use paper calendars, especially younger demographics, it isn’t time to bury them. All types of calendars continue to be used by many. Promotional calendars are shared in offices and displayed at home. If you’d like to learn more about promotional calendars, there are plenty to check out here  TKO Marketing Solutions Calendars. I’m sure you can find one to fit your business.

Photo Credit: Unsplash @Rawpixel