Not long ago, I attended an industry trade show. It was a B2B event that had nothing to do with children. As I walked the show, and noted the various specialty give-away products vendors offered I noticed an attendee sincerely thanking a vendor for a promotional product. Yes, most attendees say thank you, but this was genuine. I had to see what the product was. It was a branded teddy bear. The prospect had picked up the teddy bear for her child.

Why Promote to Children?

Other than if children are the target audience, you shouldn’t it. But you can promote your brand to parents through their children. The majority of your prospects have children, and many of these kids are younger and still at home. Reaching the parent through the child is appreciated, memorable, and fun—try it you’ll like it.

What should you offer? 

As with any promotional product, it depends somewhat on your industry and clientele. For example, a logistics company might offer miniature branded tractor-trailers. A bookseller might offer a children’s book or coloring book. A school supplier could give away lunch bags, a company offering safety products could give away children’s reflective backpacks.

What Products are Available?

The only limit is your imagination; there are bubbles, balls, and balloons. Bandages and antibacterial wipes, night lights and water pistols, piggy banks and wristbands. You can offer arts and crafts, educational materials, or children’s apparel. The sky is the limit.

Offering promotional products geared toward children can introduce you to prospects you may have never met, and it’s a great ice-breaker. Who doesn’t like to talk about their kids? That reminds me, did I tell you about the time my daughter…sorry maybe later. If you’d like to learn more about promotional products for children let us know. We’re not kidding around.