Several weeks ago three mature trees fell in my yard crushing sections of my fence. My wife contacted a tree service for an estimate. Regardless that I had never used a chainsaw, I decided I could save money and do it myself. Besides, I’d have all that wood for our fireplace. A friend, thank you, Paul D’Andrea, loaned me a saw and offered me instructions in its use. The good news is the wood is off the fence, cut and stacked. The bad news is it took me three weeks. It would have been more cost effective to hire the tree service. I could’ve used my time more effeiently. The same may be said for DIY design.

You need a Designer if…

Do you really have the time to design? By the time you learn enough to create an elementary design wouldn’t it be more cost effective to hire a professional? Probably.

Do you know the rules? Have you studied design theory? Do you know what to send to the printer? Do you know when to use RBG, CMYK, or Hex? Do you understand vector? If the answer is no—hire a designer.

Do you want to look like everyone else? DIY design most likely limits you to stock photos and clip art—available to everyone, not unique to you.

Do you understand the market research behind a design? Professional designers research the market and competition. They survey customers, unify brands, and share unique sales positions, do you?

Do you know copyright law and how it affects graphic design? If you don’t, you may get yourself into legal trouble or leave your design unprotected.

Don’t Fall for Gimmicks and Bargain “Design”

There are websites that advertise logos designed for $10, $5, or even free! Don’t be fooled. The “designer” has a library of stock logos that they will slap your name onto. You can’t trademark the logo, and you’re not getting a unique identity. They’ve probably used the same logo for dozens of other customers. You want to have a good longterm relationship with a designer, not a series of 3 chats with a complete stranger.

Hire a Pro!  

I can justify my three weeks chained to a chainsaw, all 21 days—every evening and all day on weekends. I learned how to use a chainsaw without losing any digits, it was great exercise, and I love being outdoors—I don’t even mind the chigger bites…that much. I even had enough wood to give some to my neighbors! But these are only justifications, the truth is the smarter, more efficient, and cost-effect solution would’ve been to hire professionals. It’s the same with designers. Now about that crushed fence, I’m pretty sure I could do that myself; I wonder who has a nail gun I can borrow.