The old idiom, the devil is in the details, refers to how omitting seemingly small unimportant aspects of a plan can be its undoing. Stationery is one of those details. As far as marketing plans go, stationery is only a small part of the plan—or is it? Advertising initiatives, signagevehicle graphics, web design, and collateral materials top the marketing hierarchy, but stationery should be in the same conversation. Too often, stationery is an afterthought with little time or consideration spent on its design. Organizations slap the logo on a piece of standard copy paper and viola…stationery. But think about this, how often is stationery the first impression a consumer has of an organization? Your stationery should rock.

How to Rock Your Stationery

Stationery should reflect your culture. Is your organization a serious law firm, a whimsical advertising agency, or a heartfelt not for profit? Make your stationery rock.

  • Keep it Simple – Limit color and use lots of white space—don’t make it difficult for customers to read by hiding the message in color and design.
  • Stay with your brand – The stationery should be part of your unified brand sharing company colors, logo, and feel.
  • Include the top three – Logo, contact information, and tag.
  • Don’t use comic sans– Or any other font that is difficult to read or doesn’t support your logo.
  • You are not a designer – And neither is your sister’s cousin’s son. Hire a professional.
  • Consider hierarchy, positioning, and alignment– What’s message do you want to highlight? Should contact information, logo, or company name take priority?
  • Use quality paper – Don’t skimp on paper. There are papers to fit every need. Choose a quality paper that works with your design.

Does Your Stationery Rock?

What does you stationery say about you? Does it look like it was bought on sale at an office supply store or make a positive statement about your culture? Your stationery says who you are and that—can be good or bad. If you’d like to rock your stationery let us know we can help you find the beat.