You’ve decided to give your customers a thermal cup at your product launch. You’ve taken the time to choose a cup you know they’ll appreciate. It’s a really good cup. You’ve envisioned your customers being reminded of your brand and product every day with their morning coffee at the office. Then at the event your number-one-top-most-influential customer says, as he grabs a cup, “My wife will love this—she lost hers on vacation last month.” First of all—all is not lost, he did take it home; it will be seen. And secondly, no one could have predicted this outcome; according to statistics it was an even chance the drinkware would end up at home.


In a study completed by ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) they concluded that overall specialty products have a 36% chance to end up at home, 41% at the office, and 23% on person.


Before deciding on specialty products take a moment to consider where they may end up and…if it matters. For example, if you want to increase the odds of a product staying at the office chose calendars, flash drives, or writing instruments which, end up at the office 50% of the time. If you want the product to make its way home go with shirts, caps, or bags. And if you desire for your product to be kept on person you might try health and safety products.

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