When most people hear the term writing instrument, they envision a pen or maybe a pencil, but it’s more than that. There are several categories of writing instruments, and each category can be broken down into various types. For example, how many different types of pens can you think of? Ballpoint, gel, felt tip, and fountain pen readily come to mind. Then, if we consider that there are hundreds of brands, styles, and levels of quality, the number of writing instruments becomes nearly infinite. There are more than enough to fit any organization’s advertising specialty needs. Here are a few writing instruments that make great promotional products.

Beyond the pen

Highlighters – Who doesn’t use highlighters? I have four in my drawer. I use them to check off activities from my to-do list. How do you use highlighters? Did you know there are highlighter and pen combos? I want one…or two, how about you?

Styluses – More and more people use their styluses on devices. I read a post about an entrepreneur who carried a handful of styluses every time she boarded a plane. She handed them out to her fellow passengers. The branded styluses shared her company information, which led to conversations and eventually a major new client.  And…did you know you can order a stylus pen combo?

Markers – There are permanent markers and non-permanent markers. Have you ever confused the two and used the wrong one? I have, and I thought I’d never get the white board clean. There are porous and non-porous, and Sharpies. Who doesn’t love Sharpies?

Pens and more

Pencils and pens come in many shapes and sizes. Pens can be part of an executive gift set or novelty pens just for fun. Everyone needs and uses writing instruments. Most of us have several types. I’ll wager as you read this you identified several types of writing instruments you own, didn’t you?

People use writing instruments daily and keep them for a year or longer. Here’s the best part, you and your organization can put you name, logo, contact information, tagline, or call-to-action on any and every type of writing instrument in the world. What better way for customers and prospects to connect and remember you then by being “instrumental” in giving them something to write with. Would you like to see a few examples?  TKO Marketing Solutions Writing Instruments

Photo Credit: Unsplash Photos Photo by salvatore ventura