We’ve all heard certain types of drinkware called tumblers. Many of us have used the word to describe glassware, not gymnast. But what is a tumbler and why will your customers fall for them?

A tumbler is a flat-bottomed, straight sided, drinking vessel without a handle or stem. Today they come in various sizes and shapes. They’re manufactured from many materials and have multiple purposes. However, until recently what was considered a tumbler was short, flat-bottomed drinkware made from glass.

“The name “tumbler” is traced to the mid-17th century. Originally, the term referred to a type of cup, usually metal, with a round bottom. When placed on a table, these cups would roll — or tumble — spilling the drink of anyone who put the cup down with a drink on it. This tumbling may have been slight, given that surviving examples of the tumbler seem to sit relatively steadily on their rounded bases.” Why are some glasses called tumblers?

Other drinkware historians believe the tumbler had a weighted bottom they would right itself when tipped or dislodged. Remember Weebles? “Weebles wobble but don’t fall” was their tagline, same for weighted tumblers. I want one, don’t you?

Why Customers Love Tumblers

The number one reason your customers will love your tumbler is because they’re useful. People appreciate promotional products they can use, and promotional tumblers are used. Some, such as the double-walled advertising specialty tumbler I own, are used every day. (I use it in my car.) And every day I’m reminded of the company who gave me the tumbler. When you give your client’s promotional tumblers they use them, and there’s plenty of room for your logo, contact information, tagline, and even a call to action.

There Are Plenty to Choose From

There are hundreds of promotional tumblers to choose from at all price points. How about a vacuum insulated, stainless steel, travel tumbler, or a coffee press tumbler or a wine sipper? Whatever type of tumbler best fits your image and will please your customers – we have it. If you’d like to view a few – take a tumble here —  Promotional Drinkware — Tumblers

Photo by fimoculous on Foter.com / CC BY