Your customers would love a phone accessory kit. That’s a strong statement, isn’t it? How can we know this? Did TKO Marketing Solutions conduct an extensive survey, complete A/B testing, or interview users? No, we did not. Our conclusion is based on two pieces of information. When we saw the phone accessory kits, everyone on the team wanted one, and some of us wanted more to give to friends and family. And secondly, not only do every single one of your customers have smartphones most of your clients keep it near 24/7. So, do you think your customers would love a phone accessory kit? Oh wait, maybe we should explain what a phone accessory kit is.

What’s a Phone Accessory Kit?

There are dozens of types, styles, and levels of phone accessory kits. Here are the basics:

  • Case
  • Charger with Cord
  • USB Car Charger
  • LED Pen
  • Smart Wallet
  • Earbuds

So, tell me who wouldn’t appreciate and use this phone accessory kit? Do you want one? Do you think your customers would like and use them? Will customers remember and think well of you, every time they pull out their phone accessory case to grab an item, and then see your logo on the case?

Just in case some of you are old like a few of our staff members, no names, just initials – RC, let’s talk about a couple of the items in the case.

Smart Wallet

“The Smart wallet connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and will send you instant notifications if ever you wander too far away from it. That means you won’t have to worry about leaving your wallet at a restaurant, the airport, or at home — if it’s not on your person (or close to it), the wallet will quite literally call you to come back for it.” — Digital Trends the best smart wallets.


“Designed for anyone who needs to write or take notes in dark or low light conditions, the pen features 2 super-bright white LEDs, a medium point black ballpoint ink cartridge and a unique 4-way top cap switch that alternatively extends and retracts the ink and activates the LED light.” –

Are You Ready to Accessorize?

If you think that a phone accessory kit would make great SWAG,

as we do, here’s one we like, Pro Portable Phone Accessory Kit.

Photo Credit: Unsplash Photos Vadim Sherbakov