What are the keys to an effective small business landing page? The first key is to know the difference between homepage, content pages, and a landing page. The home page is your websites welcome page. It should be about what your business can do for a prospect. Content pages go deeper sharing information about the company, product, and processes. There are multiple definitions of a landing page, but for our purposes, a landing page is where a visitor lands after clicking an online (CTA) call to action.

      15 Keys to Sticking the Landing…Page  

Call to Action

Create a compelling call to action or lead magnet. Actions such as download our free EBook, coupons, discounts, contests, free trial, and how-to tutorials, are effective. What will attract your target audience to click on your landing page and take action?

Keep it Simple

Don’t try to say, show, or ask too much. Stick to your point. Think about why a visitor clicked on the landing page and focus on that.

Keep it Short

A landing page isn’t the place to wax eloquent. The fewer words needed to share your message the better.

Stay on Brand

Your landing page should reflect your brand. Your home page, vehicle graphics, billboards, and advertising should all be recognizable as your cooperate brand.

Show and Tell

Use images and video to help you tell the story of why visitors should take action—what it does for them.

Let Your Customers Share Your Story

Customer testimonials that support the action you’re asking prospects to take are the best marketing possible.

Use Compelling Headlines

Most people don’t get past the headlines on a landing page. You know it’s true because the majority of the time you do the same. Make sure headlines, and subheads, are short, to the point, and action packed. Headlines should be understandable, relatable, persuasive, and focused on the benefits of taking action.

Don’t Forget Keywords

Don’t keyword stuff to the point that your copy reads like a bad spam email. However, be sure to use keywords where they make sense.

Grammar Counts

Edit, edit, and then edit some more. After that have someone else look at it. I’ve recently found misspellings and poor grammar on more than one small business website.

Don’t Send Folks Away

If you share too many links that’s what you may be doing—sending people away.  Limit the links.

Be Mobile Friendly

More than half of the visitors to your landing page are on mobile devices, and if you’re not friendly, they don’t stay. Are you ready for Mobile?

Don’t Make it Difficult

If you make it too hard to sign up, people will leave. Cut the steps, keep it simple, and make it easy to do.

Landing a Landing Page

Planning a landing page takes forethought and planning. It begins by identifying your target market, and then creating a call to action that will appeal to them, as well as making it easy for them to follow through. If you’d like to talk about building a better landing page for your small business Contact Us we’ll help you land on your feet.