All of us are inundated with advertising, marketing, and logos all day, every day. Most are nondescript and fleeting but a few stick in our heads. Take a moment and think of the first logo that comes to mind. Why was this particular logo at the top of your thoughts? What makes it stand out? Some of it could be advertising, few of us have the budget of Nike or Starbucks, but there are many hefty advertisers that don’t have a memorable logo. What’s the difference?

Pick a Style

There are three basic types of logos, copy based such as Google, image like Starbucks, and abstract, for example, Nike. To begin your logo journey decide which style best fits your operation. A copy based logo may be presented as more professional than image or abstract, although Google has lots of fun with it. Images can be fun or informative, and abstracts can be anything. Would a combination of styles suit your brand the best?

  1. Align with your brand. If you already have corporate images or colors start by developing a logo that fits the brand.
  2. Study your industry. What colors and fonts are popular? Is there a style that speaks of your industry? For example, a preponderance of fast food restaurants use red and yellow. When you see these colors, your mind takes you there.
  3. What’s your message? What do you want to communicate? Professionalism by using copy like IBM? Fun like Google? Determine the type of message you wish to send then match the style—copy, image, abstract, or a combination, to the message. A plumber might share a wrench on a pipe. An attorney could create copy with the scales of justice in the background.
  4. Keep it simple. We can never say this enough. Simple is elegant. The logo is no place to overdo it. A good place to begin is to design the logo using only one color, such as black. If it works in one color it will usually work overall. Besides, there will be times the logo will be presented in only one color, for example, on a check.
  5. Share the benefits. If you offer speedy service, then wings might sell the image. Open 24 hours? Why not use 24/7? Specialize in a cuisine—show a stylized image of your main dish.
  6. Don’t go cheap. Keep the clip art where it belongs, which is not on your logo. Want to do it right? Hire a designer. Why you need to hire a Professional Graphic Designer.

 Stand Out From the Crowd

If you want to stand out from the crowd, create a memorable logo; a logo that shares the culture of your organization and fits the image you want to share. Keep it simple but classy. Make it attention grabbing yet professional. If you’d like to learn more about creating a logo that speaks of your business to your customers, let us know we’d be happy to help. We take the high road on logos we won’t “go low” on logos.