Most businesses recognize loyal customers, supportive vendors, and hard-working employee over the holidays. Here at TKO we mail cards and deliver holiday packages. Last year the packages included branded labels and cards but not Christmas stickers. It would’ve been so easy to add stickers to the package.

A Holiday Gift Package   

The package, sent to customers, included a wood swivel USB flash drive, and a blue tooth speaker. We also delivered jars of nuts to customers. The package was well-received, but we could’ve added some extra fun (with our name on it), for pennies. We didn’t think of branded Christmas stickers. They would’ve looked great nestled on the green packing paper.

What are Christmas Stickers?

The stickers come in sheets of six to eight labels with your company name and logo printed at the top of the sheet. The sheets are usually 3¼ x 7 inches, so they easily fit in an envelope. You could send stickers and a card together!

There’s a wide variety of stickers – square, oval, and oblong. They come adorned with Christmas trees, wreaths, and poinsettias. You can order industry related stickers such as construction equipment or a grocery sticker with fruits and veggies. There are snowmen, stars, angels, and bells. There’s even peel and play stickers with Santa’s wardrobe, Santa’s workshop, or Santa placing toys under the tree next to the fireplace. How about dog and cat stickers or bears, deer, and woodland critters. You can order blank stickers with a festive border such as candy canes, pinecones, or red and green stripes. There are many choices.

Here’s the Thing

You could add branded Christmas stickers to any gift pack whether it’s for customers, vendors, employees, or all the above. Stickers are fun. If you’d like to look at a few Christmas holiday stickers click here, Holiday Stickers.

If we can be of any assistance, Contact Us. We can stick this for you.

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