It’s getting close to that time of year. Time for your business to choose, order, address, and mail Christmas cards. I believe there’s still a place in our fast-paced, inter-webbed world for snail mail Christmas and Holiday Cards. However, why not do more than a card? Why not do a card and? Here are seven ways to add-on to your organizations holiday cards this year. Make this the year you send more than just a Christmas card.

7 Ways to Send More Than a Christmas Card

Give to a charity in your customer’s name

Imagine if you opened a card from a vendor and inside was a slip saying the business had donated to your favorite charity in your name? How did the business know what charity to donate to? They looked on your website and learned what charitable organizations your business supported. But it doesn’t have to be the customer’s favorite charity it can be your favorite charity. Either way, it means a lot more than a card saying happy holidays.

Deliver the post  

Hand deliver the card to your best customers and if that’s not possible, give them a call with only the intent to tell them Merry Christmas and thank them for their patronage.

Get a little nutty

Add a tin of nuts, a box of chocolates, or a cheese tray to the card. “Cheese and meat platters, smoked salmon, candies, and nuts in various holiday containers, boxes, and jars; folks look forward to these traditional holiday gifts. Think about it, how fun is it when your office receives them?” — Last Call for Holiday Promotional Gifts

Make a simple holiday video

“Keep it simple. Make a video of the ugly sweater contest you hold. Capture employees caroling in the office. Or promote a charity via video. Here’s an example, Salvation Army Wish Tree Toy Drive. It doesn’t have to be expensive or professionally produced to be effective. Shoot it from your phone. Keep it real, and keep it simple.” — 10 B2B Holiday Marketing Ideas that will set your Business Apart

Make it ornamental

As in, send your customers a branded Christmas tree ornament. “This year, why not add a little something extra in your corporate holiday advertising basket and include a branded ornament. If you’d like to check out a few go here Christmas Ornaments.” — Branded Ornaments Make a Lasting Impression.


Form a team of employee volunteers and then invite your customers to join the team. It could be helping deliver toys to needy families, working in a shelter, or helping with food for the underprivileged.

Go caroling

A few years ago, a good friend experienced a tragedy in her neighborhood. She asked neighbors if they’d like to join her in caroling around the community. I added my voice. It was fun and uplifting. In your card invite clients to an open house caroling evening at your place of business.

More Than a Card

Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing wrong with a Christmas card. A holiday card should be part of every one of these seven suggestions. However, adding more than a card means more.

If we can be of any help, Contact Us. We love playing Santa! Ho Ho Ho!

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