So, are consumers tossing aside your branded SWAG? To know if they are, you first need to understand why people keep some advertising specialty products and toss others in the trash. Investing in branded promotional products can be a great way to market your brand. However, if you don’t understand why people keep some products and could care less about other pieces of branded merchandise it can also be a waste of money. So, are people throwing your promotional products in the trash?

Is It Worth More Than the Price Tag?

Okay, so it’s a trick question because the price tag on promo products is zero, they’re free. However, it’s a valid question. If it’s a cheap product, poorly made, badly designed, or constructed from inferior materials guess who will keep it? The answer is no one, you’ll probably have trouble giving it away in the first place. The first key to what kind of branded products people keep is quality.

But What Does It Do?

Promotional pieces that don’t do anything, that have no purpose also have no reason for anyone to keep them. I once saw a vendor trying to giveaway styluses to the wrong demographic. The audience was made up of mostly 65 and older attendees many of whom had no idea what a stylus was or how it was used. Don’t get me wrong a stylus can be a great product, my favorite is an ink pen and stylus combination. However, a stylus at this venue wasn’t a useful product. The second answer as to why people keep promotional products is utility.

Pretty is as Pretty Does

Ugly SWAG, and believe me it’s out there, isn’t something most people keep. Even if something is useful and quality built, if it’s ugly it can still end up in the garbage bag. The third key to successful giveaways is attractiveness. People keep attractive promotional products they throw ugly promotional products in the trash.

And There’s  Your Answer – Quality, Utility and Attractiveness 

What kind of promotional products do people keep? The answer is products that are quality, useful, and attractive (QUA.) According to 2019 Study from the Advertising Specialty Institute  52 % of males and 55 % of females found quality to be the primary reason they kept any promotional product. 50 % of males and 47 % of females listed utility, and 37 % of men and 36 % of women said attractiveness was the number one reason for holding onto advertising specialty products.

So, Are People Throwing Your Promotional Products in the Trash?

The bottom line is that if you want consumers to keep your branded SWAG, if you want to gain months’ worth of impressions, make certain your giveaways are quality, useful, and attractive.

You don’t want people to throw your promotional products in the trash. If we can help you find the perfect product for your next event let us know. We believe in QUA-lity! Contact Us.

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Photo by Gary Chan on Unsplash