Look at the image on this page. Now picture those five coats with your businesses name and logo on them. How’s that look? I own several pieces of branded outerwear, and unlike some of the other specialty products I own, I know what I have. I can name them while sitting at my laptop (try to do that with pens). I have an Indianapolis Colts heavy coat I wear when it’s extremely cold. My yard work jacket is from my previous employer — I wear it on walks and around the garden. The Circle City Corvair Club, of which my wife and I are proud members, supplied us with jackets, and last but not least, I have a TKO Graphix light jacket I wear on cool days. According to ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute), I’m not alone in remembering the advertiser on my promotional outerwear.

People Remember What Keeps Them Warm

According to ASI, 95% of promotional outerwear owners have total recall of the advertiser — higher retention than any other specialty product. On top of that, when asked, 48% say they will most likely do business with the advertiser. The Advertising Specialty report shared some other interesting figures. While 9% of the American population owns promotional outerwear, 10% of those earning $50,000 and 12% of Americans earning $100,000 wear promotional outerwear.

And most of the consumers who own promotional jackets and coats not only remember the organizations that provided the coats and jackets, but can picture them in their head. Go ahead, take a minute and think about the coats you own. Can you see them? Are any from companies you do business with? Are some from organizations you support?

What Will Warm Up Your Customer?

There are many options, styles, and types of outerwear available, depending on your needs, climate, and budget. Whatever works best for you and your customer is available as a promotional product; hooded sweatshirts, fleece pullovers, and vests. You can order hundreds of types of jackets — rain, alpine, insulated, ski, soft shell, and more. And don’t forget coats, overcoats, winter coats, long coats, short coats, men’s, women’s, and children’s coats — coats and more coats.

Is it Time for Branded Outerwear? 

If you’re looking for a giveaway that will be used and appreciated by your customers, employees, and vendors, a product people remember AND associate favorably with the advertiser, then outerwear may be your best bet to warm up your specialty advertising. If you’d like to learn more about outerwear, Contact Us, you’ll be warmly received.

Check it out – Coats and Jackets

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