I’m a beer geek. I have a beer fridge with more than 100 different brands and styles of beer, and special glasses for different beers. The Complete Encyclopedia of beer is on my bookshelf. If you follow me on Facebook, Randy Clark TKO, you’ve seen my posts of beer in the backyard. I like beer and I love promotional products for beer.

So, I was cruising around the TKO Marketing promotional product site and found a section on promotional products to go with beer.  I bookmarked it to review later, okay you know I didn’t. I jumped right down that rabbit hole, because, like I said, I’m a beer geek. Here’s my point, if your business is connected to beer in anyway – restaurant, store, or distributor then some of your audience are beer geeks like me, and us beer geeks we love us some beer SWAG.

Promotional Products for Beer and Branded Beer SWAG

What beer promotional products are available to add your brand to? Here are a few.

Bottle Openers

I have a magnetic opener attached to my beer fridge’s door. There are beer wrenches, keychain shark openers, bottle opener buttons, aluminum can openers, and an opener with an LED light.


There are hundreds of mugs, pints, and even mason jars. Clear growlers, amber growlers, and frosted pints have plenty of room for your logo.

I found what I want. I love sharing beers. Gathering a few beer geeks and each of having a sample of several beers. So, if you want to give me something for Christmas wrap up a flight and put a bow on it next to my name tag. I like the bamboo flights with glasses as well as the full flight kits.

Bottle Holders

There are koozies, and bottle holders galore. Neoprene, zippered, and collapsible. You can order can cooler loops that hold an opener or full-color bottle holders with your name printed clearly on them. There’s even a stainless-steel bottle chiller!


There are celebration buckets for your next outdoor event, and wooden microbrew six-pack carries with dividers and a leather strap. Here are a few more cooler ideas, Coolers are Cool SWAG.

Is it time for a Beer? I mean, Promotional Products for Beer!

A few years ago, my eldest bought me a beer of the month membership. Although the beer is long since gone it is remembered. A friend bought me a couple of Sam Adams specialty beers glasses. I use them every week.

So, what beer influenced advertising specialty products would your clients appreciate? If you’d like to discuss this, Contact Us, maybe we can meet after work over a beer.

Photo credit: Unsplash Photos Drew Beamer