I perform in a classic rock band. We’ve considered branded merchandise, T-shirts, and pens to start with. My question is should I sell them, give them away, or both? Should branded merchandise be considered advertising or revenue? What’s the best way to make our band’s branded merchandise into a rock star?

Give it Away, Give it Away, Give it Away Now

Should promotional products be part of the marketing plan, revenue stream, or both? Entertainment, sports, and some nonprofits use branded merchandise as a profit center, but will that work for you? Will people pay for your merchandise?

If you plan to sell the merchandise, think about trying it as a promotional giveaway first. If you gave it away, how was it received? Did people get excited about it? Did they want more? Would they be willing to spend their hard-earned cash for it?

It’s Branded Merchandise but Does It Fit?

What fits your demographic? For example, T-shirts are a no-brainer for my band, but pens … for a classic rock band? Yes, at performances, we pass out song lists, and pens, and then let the audience pick our sets. I don’t think we could sell them, but as a giveaway, pens would work.

On the other hand, I believe our band could sell the right T-shirt. We’ve been asked if we had shirts and  promotional ball caps for sale.

Cheaper too Often Means Worse

My first thought when looking for T-shirts for the band was the expense. I can be frugal to a fault. If the point of band  T-shirts is to promote our band, do I really want the cheapest? Shouldn’t I want something that represents us favorably? A T-shirt that holds up, fits well, and one that people are proud to wear should be what I’m looking for.

If you have a loyal following, there may be a market for your merchandise. Your tribe may desire branded products and be willing to pay for them, but if marketing is the primary objective, not income, should you charge? Each case is different – your followers will let you know by their actions.

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