Why does any organization support events? It could be a charity, a customer’s efforts, or a networking and marketing opportunity. Our company has sponsored golf outings, conventions, industry events, and supported local professional and amateur sports teams for many years. Some of the sponsorships have been charitable, while others have been primarily advertising. Until recently, we’d never taken full advantage of the branding opportunities available. We didn’t use promotional products to our full advantage. With a little forethought, you can avoid our mistake. So, don’t forget promotional products for your summer events.

Promotional Products Add to Your Event

I recently pulled out a T-shirt from a charity event dated 2005. I fondly remembered the event and the sponsors who supported it. It was easy to remember. I didn’t forget any of the sponsors because they were all listed on the T-shirt.

If you have an annual family reunion, company picnic, or church event, why not promote it with apparel? Sunglasses, shirts, caps aren’t only appropriate for outdoor warm weather events but are valued and will be used repeatedly reminding the user of the event and your organization’s participation.

Do You Want to Be Remembered?

Business events are the perfect venue to offer promotional products. Last year, we learned our lesson. TKO Graphix was involved with several trade shows and events last summer. In the past, we offered nothing beyond business cards and brochures. With the addition of TKO Marketing Solutions to our family of companies, we’ve expanded our approach, and we gave away branded pens. It could have been organizers or card holders, or the hundreds of office accessories available. What was significant is we offered something of value with which to be remembered that was branded with our logo and contact information. How long do people keep pens do you think?

So, Don’t Forget Promotional Products for Your Summer Events

Don’t make the same mistake we’ve made in the past. Whether it’s a fundraiser or networking event, promotional products add value. What events will you be involved with this summer? TKO Marketing Solutions would be glad to help with promotional product ideas that fit your company culture and industry.

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Photo by Chandler Cruttenden on Unsplash