That’s a question I can’t completely answer because the sky is the limit. The short answer is promotional products can be used anywhere you wish to promote your organization, because there are nearly limitless ways to use them. Advertising specialty products can be used for branding, issuing a call to action, or recognition. The long answer is there are more than 1/2 million different promotional products, and each could be used in multiple ways.

Here Are a Few Ideas:

  • Give branded merchandise away at a trade show
  • Use them for gifts to customers
  • Start an employee recognition program
  • Sponsor a youth league team and provide branded uniforms
  • Get involved in local clubs and supply branded items such as pens, stationery, or calendars
  • Give away products at charity events
  • Pass out promotional products at networking opportunities, chamber of commerce meetings, or social networking meet-ups
  • Use them for new product introductions
  • Offer special occasion products such as holiday offerings

These are only a few ideas, because there are thousands of ways to use these products to cost-effectively promote your organization. “Promotional products are used in a variety of contexts and applications. One of the most common uses is to raise brand awareness for your B2C company by mass-distributing a promotional item to ensure your brand name is seen and remembered by a larger-than-expected percentage of your target demographic.” — Entrepreneur: Would a Promotional Product Be Effective at Helping You Market Your Startup?

A Promotional Checklist

When are the most opportune time to use promotionals? Here are some of the best times to use SWAG.

“Holidays – From holiday cards to branded apparel ‘tis the season.

Employee recognition – Show respect for tenure, milestones, and accomplishments.

Customer appreciation – One of the best ways to stay connected with valuable clients.

Vendor acknowledgment– Vendors have a tremendous impact on the bottom line. Let ‘em know you care.

Open house – Don’t forget branded giveaways and door prizes.

Website – Offer promotional products in exchange for opting in.

Local media – Don’t forget products for local print and on-air personalities. It can pay off.

Unexpected visitors – Have branded promotional products ready for a surprise visit from a potential customer, client, or interested party.” — When to Use Promotional Products.

Do Branded Promotionals Work?

Okay, so we live in a digital world. We send email invitations, attend virtual trade shows, and ask Amazon Alexa to turn down the lights. So, do promotional products still work? Are they a form of effective advertising or a relic from the past? “A 2016 study by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) explains everything you need to know about the effectiveness of promotional products. According to the study, most people keep promotional products for an average of eight months. That means your advertisement is sitting in front of someone longer than a simple PPC ad or pop-up on a website. The actual time is dependent on the product, with umbrellas lasting for 14 months and hats lasting only seven.” — Forbes: Branded Giveaways And Other Promotional Products: Do They Still Have An Impact?

“A study conducted by L.J. Market Research found that 52% of participants given a promotional item ultimately did business with that company. The power of statistics is real. However, to get the positive results you’re striving for. You will need to execute the process of choosing and distributing promotional products properly.” — AMA (American Marketing Association) 6 Do’s and Don’ts of Promotional Product Marketing

So, the best way to learn how your organization can utilize promotional products is to discuss it. If you’d like to brainstorm promotional product uses be sure to Contact Us. We’ll put promotional products to work for you.