Great question. I know I’ve collected cards — especially at events, and later wondered who they belonged to and what connections we’d made. I’ve tossed cards into drawers only to be forgotten. I’m certain the same has happened to many of the cards I’ve passed out. So, what’s the answer? I’m going to answer that question with a question. What are you trying to accomplish and why does it have to be done with a business card?

Share More Information

Because space on a business card is limited it’s easy to clutter. Not long ago, a business card simply shared your company name and logo, your name and title, and address with phone number. So, adding email, social media handles and icons it doesn’t take much for a card to become ineffectively overdone. Brochures, one pagers, and tri-folds all have room for more, but do people keep them? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. At TKO, we’ve been successful using rack cards with a TKO Graphix promotional pen attached. The cards are 3″ x 5″ and printed on both sides. They not only allow for more information than a card, and most people keep the branded pen.

Leave Behind Something People will Keep

Let’s face it, most of us have hoarded business cards in files and folders, seldom to look at them again. What can you leave behind that folks will use and therefore be reminded of you and your organization? As I mentioned, pens have always worked well. Notepads and sundry office supplies are promotional products people will use, keep, and remember your brand. At TKO, we leave behind a padfolio, which has a business card, a call to action card, and a flash drive with a 90 second showcase of our facilities, services, and capabilities.

“A few years ago, after an event, I had the opportunity to chat with one of the speakers, as our conversation neared its end he asked for my business card, and then I asked for his. His card was about the size of a standard business card except it wasn’t card. It was an example of  business card alternative. It was a square aluminum bottle opener. I still have it, and I can still read his name, title, and contact information. I don’t believe I’ve ever kept a business card for several years, have you?” — Open Your Mind To a Business Card Alternative

Don’t Eliminate Business Cards Add to Them 

Instead of eliminating business cards, the best answer may be to add promotional and collateral material to your marketing plan, therefore creating a leave behind package. What do you leave behind and how has it worked for you?

If we can answer any questions or help you find a business card alternative that fits your culture let us know, here’s our virtual card, Contact Us.