A few years ago after an event, I had the opportunity to chat with one of the speakers, as our conversation neared its end he asked for my business card, and then I asked for his. His card was about the size of a standard business card except it wasn’t card. It was an example of  business card alternative. It was a square aluminum bottle opener. I still have it, and I can still read his name, title, and contact information. I don’t believe I’ve ever kept a business card for several years, have you?

Beyond the Business Card

What the speaker with the business card alternative did was go beyond the card. The obvious advantage is that I still have it. But wait, there’s more. The moment he gave me his advertising opener it was a conversation piece. You could say the advertising bottle opener “opened” up the conversation. It not only was a fun way to add to our chat but it “opened” doors because pretty soon everyone within listening distance wanted one of his cards.

Let’s face it, how many business cards have you collected and then thrown in the bottom of a drawer never to be seen or heard from again? And guess what, your card is at the bottom of countless drawers too. So, why not go beyond the card and brand a promotional product that fits who you are, what you do, and that will be kept and remembered?

The aluminum bottle opener card has never met the bottom of any of my desk drawers. The speaker looked outside of the box for a business card alternative, and it worked. Before you order your next 250 cards, stop and consider what could you use as a business card alternative? For example, if you’re at a conference or convention how about handing out branded Rubbery Spiral Notebooks with your name, company logo, title, contact information and tagline? Who wouldn’t want a notepad at a convention?

Plus One  

Plus one – How about coupling your business card with a promotional product, in the notebook example above a business card could be attached to the inside cover of the notebook. Or how about a business card and a branded lighted, stylus, and pen combination? You could hand out a Mousepad and your card, desk items, office supplies or? The only limit to your business card plus one is your imagination.

Rather than handing out cards why not hand out a card and something useful. Promotional items people will use, keep, and remember. You know, like an aluminum bottle opener to a beer geek (that would be me, ask about my beer fridge sometime).

500,000 Options!

There are more than half million promotional products to choose from such as writing utensils, cups, apparel, flashlights, USB’s, and umbrellas. Every one of these advertising specialties could be used instead of a card or plus-oned with a card

We Have Your Business Card Alternative

If we can help you with any ideas, let us know. Here at TKO Marketing Solutions we take promoting you and your business seriously. Because helping you is in our cards.

By the way, I’m writing this from home on a Saturday, its 4:46 PM and I think it’s just about time to use my aluminum bottle opener.

Photo Credit: Tero Vesalainen ID: 2056020 Provider: Pixabay