So, what’s the best method to attach logos to apparel? The answer depends on what type of apparel, the material, and what you want to accomplish. There are five common options for applying design to apparel. Each has advantages and disadvantages, from cost to color choices. So, choosing the best method for your needs will help you accomplish your goal. 

5 Methods to Attach Logos to Apparel


This is seldom done by hand today because a digitized file can be fed to an embroidery machine. A wide range of colors and stitch patterns are available to create a high quality look. The best embroidery may be more expensive than other options, but wears well and usually lasts the lifetime of the garment.


This is a pre-cut design, traditionally made from twill, and sewn to the garment. It may be applied with heat or pressure sensitive adhesive backing. It may also have text screen printed or embroidered on it or near it. Today, many fabrics are available, including camouflage, jersey, glitter, reflective, and metallic. It’s generally less expensive than embroidery.


Dye sublimation may only be used on polyester or poly-coated fabrics, although a mix of polyester and cotton, for example, may be used for a desired effect. The ink will only adhere to the polyester. Sublimation printing uses heat to transfer dye onto the material. Although there is usually no setup fee or minimum, the inks are expensive. This process only works on white or light colored material.

DGT (Digital Garment Print)

DGT uses inkjet printers designed to print on fabric. Like sublimation, it requires white cloth, but unlike sublimation, it will print on most fabrics. Its advantage is using digital files for full color bright images, and there are typically no setup fees and often no minimums.


The advantages of screen include the mixing inks to capture exact colors, printing on dark fabrics, and using additives such as metallic. Disadvantages include minimum orders and setup fees — especially on multi-color prints.

By understanding what you want to accomplish with branded apparel, you can choose the best fabric and print method for adding your logo to apparel.

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