Any product can have a name, logo, or call to action placed on it. There are more than ½ million promotional products used to advertise and promote businesses and organizations. Some of these products make fitting holiday gifts, and some don’t. But even the ones that fit may not show the true spirit of the holidays. While some holiday promotional products are exclusive for Christmas and other holidays.

‘Tis the Season for Holiday Promotional Products 

Stockings – To hang by the chimney with care. Promotional stockings can include the givers brand and if you really want to get fancy add the customer or employee’s name.

Ornaments – Several years ago our company received an ornament from a local TV affiliate. It was in appreciation of a charity initiative we supported. It hangs front and center every year on our lobby Christmas tree because years later it still means something to us.

Holiday blankets – There are blankets with reindeer, Christmas trees, and Santa with elves. What better way to snuggle up by the fire and gaze at the decorated tree on a frosty December eve?

Gift bags – Holiday gift bags, whether filled with prizes or empty are appreciated. Because people keep bags, especially attractive holiday bags. What SWAG gets the most impressions?

Snowmen, Angels, Reindeer, and Elves – All can be found on pens, stress balls, globes and more.

That Christmas Sweater – Holiday apparel is all around. From sweaters to hats, scarfs, and gloves holiday garb in festive and fun. Wouldn’t a branded ugly Christmas sweater be full of cheer?

Candles – Who doesn’t appreciate a pine scented holiday candle? There are thousands of  scented candles from cranberry to pumpkin pie. There are candles with holiday scenes and candles with poinsettia bases to use as centerpieces.

The Feast – Traditional food such as turkeys and hams are always a hit with customers and team members. You can gift any food you can imagine from pumpkin pie to smoked salmon.

A Special Gift for Special People

If it can be made, it can be branded, either directly on the product or packaging. But not every product fits the season or shares the spirit. If you’d like to find that one special holiday promotional product that speaks happy holidays to you, let us know, we’re in the spirit.

Photo Credit: Unsplash Photos  Photo by Mel Poole