Is it crass? It can be, but it doesn’t have to be. Thanksgiving is about being thankful, giving thanks, sharing your appreciation of others, and being considerate. It’s not about promotion and advertising. If I believe that to be so, then why am I promoting Thanksgiving promotional products in October?  My answer is Thanksgiving’s about being thankful, and a business can say thank you. No that’s not quite right. A business should say thank you and what better time than a time of thanks giving? And  now is the time to consider what gifts you might share.

Thanksgiving Promotional Products

Cards – Christmas isn’t the only holiday with cards. There are Thanksgiving cards as well. Greeting Cards for any Holiday. Sharing a Thanksgiving card with employees, vendors, and clients is a thoughtful way to say thank you, especially when a handwritten note is added to the card. Thank your team for their dedication, thank your vendors for their help, and thank your customers for their patronage.

Food – I grew in a family where food is love. Thanksgiving was a special celebration at Aunt Betty’s and Uncle Paul’s farm. Homemade pumpkin pies, real mashed potatoes, squash from the garden, and then the centerpiece THE turkey. There are plenty of opportunities to show your love by giving food. Turkeys, hams, and pies. Cornucopia baskets of fruit and tins of cookies, chocolates, cheese, and nuts all say thank you. And if you want to say more, make it personal by adding a card with a handwritten note to the package. Want more ideas? Gifts of Food.

Cooking utensils and more – What’s Thanksgiving without warm and wonderful aromas that waif  from the kitchen? There are holiday aprons, oven mitts, and chef’s hats, as well as, measuring cups, thermometer forks, and carving knives all to help prepare the feast. Say thank you with a thoughtful gift that fits the holiday.

Wine and wine sets – There was never any alcohol at Aunt Betty’s and Uncle Paul’s Thanksgiving feast. Or was there? What exactly were the men doing in the barn smoking cigars after desert? Wine is a Thanksgiving tradition for many households. There are wine sets with a waiter’s corkscrew, drip ring, pourer, and stopper. Say thank you with a collapsible wine rack or wine tote, and you can give bottles of the grape elixir to those who deserve your special thanks.

Is Holiday Giving Self-serving?

Not if it’s from the heart. When you truly appreciate those who have helped and served you, it’s not. Not when your primary purpose is to say thank you, and isn’t that what Thanksgiving is about? Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Thank you!

Photo Credit: Unsplash Photos Photo by Element5 Digital