When I wrote this the calendar said it was spring. It didn’t feel like spring. It was cold. There were flurries. This weekend, the first weekend in May, the temperature is forecast to hit 80 degrees for the first time this year. The bright blue, sunny day will be a welcome respite from the rain, snow, and ice drenched 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s we’ve been experiencing. I plan on spending the weekend working in my yard. I pulled my garden shorts, shoes, and a T-shirt from my closet in preparation. The T is a branded T-shirt form a lawn care business. It’s hot advertising.

Cool your Customers with these Hot Promotional Products


There are hats and caps, T-shirts and golf shirts. Athletic wear in specially designed wicking material is a great way for your prospects to stay cool on a hot summer day while advertising your brand.


Did you know you can put your name and logo on sunscreen? You can. And it comes in all sorts of useful combinations and packages, Promotional Sunscreen.


There are shade umbrellas, and storm umbrellas and the likelihood is your customers will need both this summer. Just think how much room there is to share your message on an umbrella.

Water Water Everywhere

There are water bottles, sport drink containers, and bottled water. My wife was in charge of refreshments at a national convention, and one of the most popular things she gave away were bottles of water with the organization’s logo on them. Many of the attendees didn’t drink the water; they took the bottle home unopened.


Want to be cool this summer? What could be better than a logoed water cooler? Maybe a branded portable BBQ grill to go with it?

Fun in the Sun

How about branded beach balls and promotional pigskins to toss while at the beach or park? Watch out for that Frisbee!

What’s the Best Hot Advertising for Your Business? 

There are plenty of cool summer advertising specialty products that will warm up your prospects, customers, and employees. If you’d like to discuss hot summer promotional products that are cool, Contact Us we have a few hot tips for you. We’re “cool” like that.

Photo credit: Foter.com