Before we discuss this useful invention, which most people take for granted, do you know why they’re called flashlights? We’ll share the answer in a minute but first let’s talk about why promotional flashlights make great SWAG.

Where is That Darn Flashlight?

We don’t think about flashlights until we need one, do we? We’ve all been caught in the dark, searching for a flashlight and finally finding one only to discover the batteries were dead. (Now where did I put those new batteries?) There aren’t many tools that match the urgency of a flashlight when it’s needed. And that’s exactly the reason they make great promotional products. LED flashlights can be added to a key chain or stored in a purse and with the life of modern batteries they remain useful for years. Here’s the point — a specialty flashlight remains on the keychain or in a purse with your message on it for years. And … it’s seen. Every. Single. Day.

Flashlights can be put on lanyards, added to screwdrivers, and attached to pins. They come in all shapes and sizes, Maglite’s and minimags, flat, coil, and beacon lights abound. There are helmet flashlights, flashlights on tripods, and flashlights with glow in the dark cases. There are a lot of options.

How Many Promotional Flashlights Does it Take to Light the Way?

With the dependability and availability of today’s flashlights, it’s easy and prudent to store them in multiple locations. Because not only are flashlights a staple for home, vehicle, and office, but also they should be stored in multiple locations. For example, I have a Maglite hanging in the garage, an LED lantern in the hall closet, and several small LED’s scattered in bedrooms and bathrooms. Flashlights are universally appreciated and therefore make a great promotional product for almost any event. So, if you want to capture your audience — give them a little light.

Why Are They Called Flashlights?

The reason they’re called flashlights is the original zinc-carbon batteries, which were used before the dry cell battery was invented in 1896, had to be rested after the light was flashed, thus flashlight. If you’d like to learn more about promotional flashlights, Contact Us — we’ll shine some light on it.

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Photo by Andreas Dress on Unsplash