It’s getting close to Valentine’s Day. It’s most likely too late now but there are hundreds, if not thousands, of Valentines promotional products you could have given your customers, vendors, or employees. Thoughtful gifts of candy, balloons, and mini plush stuffed teddy bears — all with your message and logo attached. Oh well, there’s always next year. It may be too late for Valentine’s Day, but there’s still time to make an impression on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Here are a Few St. Patty Day Specialty Product Ideas

If I’m on your Saint Patrick’s Day gift list we can meet at an Irish pub and enjoy a Guinness Stout, but if it’s for your clients, prospects, and fans there are plenty of accessible St. Patrick’s Day specialty products to share.

  • Green felt flat Irish caps
  • A neon green beer mug
  • Various and sundry shamrocks
  • A green strobe lapel button
  • Green sunglasses, shot glasses, pens, notepads, T-shirts, and more

Do You Have a Bit O Da Irish in Ya?

Even if Ireland isn’t your motherland it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate like a true Murphy, Kelly, or O’Sullivan. Get in touch with your inner Gaelic spirit and celebrate Saint Patty’s day by sharing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with your clan. If you’d like a few ideas for an Irish themed specialty products, Contact  Jack O’ Woodlock Jack and his wee team. Let’s start with something green.

Do You Know Who Was Saint Patrick?

“Did you know St. Patrick wasn’t named Patrick and he wasn’t Irish? Born around 373 BC, the son of a Roman Officer, his name was Maewyn Succat. It’s uncertain whether he was born in Scotland or Roman held Britain, but he wasn’t born in Ireland. At the age of six, he was kidnapped and sold into slavery. Eventually, he escaped to Britain, traveled on to France, and studied religion for 12 years in Germany.

His life’s mission was to convert the pagan Gaelic population of Ireland to Christianity. To that end, he crisscrossed Ireland for more than 20 years establishing, schools, churches, and monasteries. A few of his writings survive to today. However, the myth of St. Patty grew bigger than the man. For example, the story that he drove the snakes out of Ireland is a myth, not fact.” — If You Feel Lucky Try These St. Patrick’s Day Promotional Products

If you want to have fun and show your customers and employees your appreciation you might consider giving them something green this year. Your branded promotional St Patty’s Day gift may be the only thing some customers receive on St. Patrick’s Day, and that can make an impact. If you’d like some ideas that will make you’re competition green with envy. Here are a few, St. Patrick’s Day Promotional Products.

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Photo by Cooper Le on Unsplash