When I scheduled this post idea, the need for website video, on my editorial calendar, I wondered am I preaching to the choir? Surely most business websites include video, don’t they? I googled, “Percent of small business websites without video.”

I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I was reminded that one-half of the small businesses in America don’t have a website, Entrepreneur, Small Businesses without a Website. We’d written about this before, Why your Small Business needs a Website. Can we can assume if one-half of the small businesses in this country don’t have a website then many who do have sites, don’t have video? So, I backed this assumption up with a little unscientific research. And then I checked several small business sites and found that video embedded on a small business website was the exception, not the rule.

5 Reasons to Add Video to Your Website

Present a Professional Appearance

Assuming the video itself, whether it was created inhouse or outsourced, looks professional, it adds to the businesses qualifications and expertise.

Improve SEO

Video improves SEO on a couple of levels, adding content and increasing dwell time. Quality content improves SEO and dwell time is measured by search engines directly affecting SERP.

Show Your Personality

People don’t buy from businesses they buy from people. Because consumers want to do business with organizations that are personable and trustworthy video is a great platform for highlighting both.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

So, if you want to go one up on your competition add video to your homepage. Check it out, and you’ll find the majority of your competitors don’t have video on their website…yet.

Appeal to Multiple Senses

And not only appeal to more senses but reach visitors who prefer video. Your prospects don’t all take in information alike. Some want to read while others prefer video, and that’s why you need both.

What to Share

Introductions – Tell your story and explain your products focusing on the benefits to your customer. Here’s an example, Complete Graphics Solutions

Testimonials– Customer testimonials videos are powerful, Watchfire Customer Testimonial.

Tutorials – Share a how-to video. Show visitors what to do and how to do it, and they will come back, How to Remove a Decal.

Entertainment – It might depend on the business, but a fun video can capture a lot of attention and expand a business’s reach.

Information – Answer questions and solve problems that your target audience is looking for.  How much does a Vehicle Graphic Cost?

Is it Time for Video on Your Site?

If you have a business website and if the purpose of your site is to attract clients then you need video on your website. Video adds professionalism, personality, and engagement. It improves SEO, and it sets you ahead of the competition. If you don’t know where to begin, I’d be happy to offer my advice. rclark@tkographix.com

Photo credit: Foter.com