Does every small business need a website? “It may be 2016, but 46 percent of  U.S. small businesses still don’t have a website for their company…” — Entrepreneur

Let that sink in. Nearly half of the small businesses in America are without a website. I feel as if I should be sharing why you need content on your website How to Feed Your Website the Content it needs. Or discuss the basics of small business websites, 7 Basics of an Effective Website. Maybe talk about how to use social media on your website, 3 Keys to Social Media on Your Website. But not whether a business needs a website.

Is a Very Small Business too small for a Website?

In all fairness, 60% of the businesses without a website are very small businesses, five employees or less. I can understand why a very small business may not feel the need for a website. A one or two person operations may be right. They may not need a website, but not 60% of them. Not by a long shot.

When you go to the bank – Bankers look at your marketing. They go online and vet your business. They want to know you have a plan and a brand. Wouldn’t it be better to share your website with your banker, before you ask for a new line of credit? I wonder how bankers look at businesses without websites?

1976 is calling – The worn out excuses such as, I’m too small, I don’t need a website, or I can’t afford it, shows potential customers how out of touch with reality you are. Sorry, but there’s no polite way to say it. Just because you say you don’t need a site doesn’t make it true. If you said I have all the business I’ll ever need I might understand your reasoning, but not just because you think your business is too small.

How do you vet vendors? – Before you order from any company, do you check them out online? Do you? What do you think when you can’t find a website? Potential customers think the same of you. They don’t care how small you are. They’re not buying your tired excuse that you don’t need a website, and they’re most likely not buying anything from you.

Do you have enough business? If not you’re missing the business that doesn’t come to you by word-of-mouth or traditional advertising. Recent studies show that up to 70 % of consumers search for products online. 70 %. Maybe they’ll find you in the Yellow Pages. What do you think?

A Website is open 24/7 – Anytime a prospect or customer has a hankering to learn more about your operation—there you are. Open 24/7. It’s your online brochure always marketing your business day and night.

Customer support – Have you ever lost a customer because of poor communication or unmet expectations? A website will not fix poor communication skills but, it makes it a lot harder to miss a customer in need.

It’s a Matter of Credibility

It’s incredible that any business in this day and age doesn’t believe they need a website. A website shouts credibility. If you don’t believe the lack of a website hurts a business’s credibility, you’d better think again.

Try this unofficial pseudo-scientific survey. Ask ten people what they do when they search for a company and can’t find a website. Did it least ½ of them mention the lack of credibility not having a website fosters? How many mentioned inconvenience? Did 70 % tell you they found someone else? Still think you don’t need a website? Call us at 1-888-544-8051 or reach out to us on our website – Contact Us.

Photo Credit:  Unsplash Photo by Remy Baudouin