There are hundreds of thousands of promotional products. Worldwide, it’s an 18 billion dollar per year industry. It’s hard to find an individual who doesn’t own promotional products. And harder yet to find a business that doesn’t offer promotional products to its customers, employees, and vendors. So, what are the most popular promotional products?

What are the Most Popular Promotional Products?

  1. Clothing – From outerwear to hats and caps tops the list, because 27.4 % of promotional products distributed annually is some type of clothing. Therefore, nearly 5 billion of the 18 billion dollars per year is apparel.
  2. Pens and more – Writing instruments of all kinds make up 10.42 % of advertising products. From pens to markers and more because you can’t go wrong with writing instruments. How many promotional pens and pencils are in your desk drawer? Writing Instruments are more than Pencils and Pens.
  3. Bags – Totes, shopping, and gift bags come in third at 7.63 %. This is a broad category ranging from briefcases to duffel bags. Here are a few of the many types of bags to choose from.
  4. Drinkware comes in at fourth position with 7.56 % of the market. Drinkware encompasses a multitude of products from mugs to sports drinks. FAQ: Should I Give Away Promotional Drinkware?
  5. Awards – Which includes trophies, plaques, watches, rings, and certificates accounts for 4.86 % of the annual advertising specialty product industry. So, before you start thinking 4.86 % isn’t much, stop because that’s approximately $875 million.
  6. Desk and office – The next time you sit at your desk, inventory the number of different branded desk accessories you own. Because, I think you’ll be surprised. Office and desk make up 4.85 %. 11 Desk Accessories Your Customer Will Remember.
  7. Computer accessories – Closely related to office and desk, computer accessories come in at seventh accounting for 4.13 % of the total annual expenditures. Flash drives, cables, cords, and mouse pads are useful and appreciated. Computer accessories.
  8. Calendars – Think the day of the desk calendar is long past? Think again. Yes, people use electronic calendars, but paper calendars often supplement them—more than ½ billion dollars’ worth per year. Calendars come in at 3.22 %. Calendars Paper or Electronic?
  9. Textiles come in at ninth with 2.83 % of the market, but what the heck are textiles, isn’t that clothing? Nope, its stadium blankets, branded towels, Umbrellas, and also flags as well as other printed textiles.
  10. Tools – This includes home and workplace tools and comprises 2.31 % of the industry.

*Numbers from PPAI Sales Research

Did We Mention 18 Billion?

Promotional products are a major industry, and there’s a reason why. It’s because they work. So, whether your business wants to recognize employees, reward customers, or show appreciation to a vendor, advertising specialty products are one of the best formats to show you care. What popular promotional products do you use? What popular promotional products should your business be using?