Have you ordered your corporate Christmas cards yet? If you haven’t, I’m sure there’s a very good reason. Maybe you completed an order form but the dog ate it, or you’re waiting for a sale on Holiday cards, regardless, will your reason be good enough when your clients don’t get a card or worse yet, get a crappy card from your organization?

The Top Ten

10. We go over our mailing list first, so we know how many cards we need and who we’re sending them to. That’s a good plan, but when are you going to vet your list, the day before Christmas?

9. We’re not sure Christmas cards are all that important, do people even care anymore?  Ask yourself this, do you look at and read the Christmas cards your business receives? I’d wager you even display them.  

8. It’s not my job. Okay, we get that, but whose job is it and when are they going to do their job?

7. I can get cards anytime I want. You know what, you’re correct, you can. Heck, you could waltz down to the nearest dollar store and buy a bundle of cards on Christmas Eve, but if you want something special that speaks of your corporate culture, that takes a little more time.

6. We have cards left over from last year. Waste not, want not, I mean customers won’t remember them from last year anyway—will they?

5. I don’t know what to order. We understand. There are so many choices it gets confusing, doesn’t it? One answer is to contact a qualified promotional product advisor to help you design the best card for your organization. Contact Us.

4. We’re waiting for cards to go on sale. Good plan, look for them in the markdown aisle on December 26th.

3. Is it even okay to say Merry Christmas to clents? In most cases we think so, Is It Okay to Say Merry Christmas to Your Customers?  However, there are plenty of alternative greeting cards to choose from.

2. We’re sending a basket not cards. Great Idea, have you ordered holiday baskets yet?

And the number one answer is, survey says, drum roll, please…

I’ve still got plenty of time. You might not. You see, some of the most popular stocks sell out, and then there’s getting it to the printer, addressing envelopes, and mailing the cards. It isn’t a one-day turnaround.

Here’s the Good News

The good news is it’s not too late to order corporate cards that fit your image; cards that your customers, vendors, bankers, and employees will appreciate. But you’re running out of time, by my calculations, as of today, October 16th, we only have 69 days until Christmas, and to design a card, get them printed and shipped, and then addressed and mailed takes time! You need to do it by … yesterday. If you haven’t then start today. Order your Christmas cards.

Photo Credit: Unsplash Photos Photo by Annie Spratt