A couple of years ago we posted, Why Every Business Needs Automotive Promotional Products, in the post we shared that there are more than 250 million registered cars, nearly 200 million registered drivers, who average 18.5 hours per week in their cars. I believe we got the point across that any business can successfully use automotive promotional products, but what products? Glad you asked.

Automotive Promotional Products

There are thousands of automotive advertising specialty products. Any product tied to the automobile industry can be a promotional product. Remember, the average American spends more than 18 hours per week in their car. That’s a lot of time to use automotive promotional products.

The next consideration is how long these produces are kept by consumers. Think about it. I’d wager you have a few products, whether they’re branded or not, that you’ve had as long as your car. Key chains, floor mats, and ice scrapers tend to stay with a car or truck.

Segmented Branded Specialty Gifts

Nearly any automotive advertising specialty gift will work for most businesses, but what if you were to tie the product to the business? Wouldn’t that be even more memorable to your client? Here a few examples.


If your business has anything to do with electronics, such as, computers, pads, music, or phones why not give away chargers? There are single and dual port chargers  and chargers shaped like various products. Add your brand to a charger, and you have a promotional product that will be noticed, used, and appreciated for a long time.

Food and Drink Service

No brainer here. Reusable and refillable tumblers, cups, and thermos bottles all make memorable, and often used promotional products.


How about eyeglass and sunglass holders that fit on a visor? Wouldn’t it be great to always know where your glasses were? This would be a nice gift from my optometrist as well. Hint hint.

Grocery and food service – How about a cargo box to organize purchases?

Insurance – Proof of insurance holders and document pouches. Wouldn’t it be great to have these papers organized rather than stuffed in a glove box?

What Products Speak to Your Industry?

The products listed by industry above are only examples. There are thousands of possibilities and some are perfect for your needs. Think about your business, what automotive promotional products would help your customers remember you? If you’d like some ideas try this, Automotive Promotional Products. If you’d like to brainstorm the best automotive promotional products for you and your business, Contact Us. Sit back and relax. We’ll take the driver’s seat on this one.