Yes, people like memo pads, and that means your customers, prospects, employees, and vendors like them. Not only do people like memo pads but they use them and keep them. And when it comes to promotional products there’s not much that’s more important than people liking and using your advertising specialty.

Regardless of how cutting edge, well-made, or beautiful a promotional product may be – if folks don’t use the products it’s a waste of your advertising dollars. Simply put, advertising where people don’t connect with your ad is an exercise in futility.

If you want to be successful with promotional products give people products they will use and keep. Memo pads, in all shapes and sizes, do just that.


“Padfolios can be used to organize a sales presentation, carry an iPad, and store business documents. It’s your office away from the office, a tool for the business road warrior, and it’s a great promotional product to give employees, vendors, and cherished customers. If you want to give something to folks that they’ll appreciate, and use try a padfolio. It’s useful SWAG.” — Why Padfolios Make Great SWAG.

Sticky Notes and Flags

I have two sticky note pads with flags at my work office and another at home. I use the flags to mark places in my notes as well as in books. Sticky notes are strewn all over the place, on my computer, desk, bookcase, fridge, and more. Mine are all recycled, one has a bamboo cover another is cork, and one is jumbo sized.

Jotters and More

A jotter is a hand-sized memo pad with a hardcover that’s easy to take almost anywhere. There are memo magnets for your refrigerator, memo cubes, translucent folders, and junior size desk pads.

And the great thing, besides that folks like and use these, is that memo pads are excellent for printing your name, tagline, and contact information. When people use and keep a branded product, your name is seen and remembered repeatedly. And not only by the user but anyone who’s sitting next to them.

If you’d like to view a few memo pads click here — Memo Pads.

Photo Credit: Unsplash Photos @RawPixel