I have two daughters and four grandchildren who live in Florida. They’ve all asked why I live in Indiana and not Florida. There are several reasons, but one of the primary reasons is I like the change of seasons. When it’s cold, you might find me in my living room enjoying a roaring fire. Although I enjoy winter and love snow, I’m always excited when spring arrives, and it’s time to plant my garden. Promotional products for gardeners. In the summer I enjoy hiking, reading a good book under my Redbud tree, and grilling over a wood fire. Life is good. But of all the seasons, autumn is my favorite and autumn promotional products may be my favorites as well.

Autumn Apparel

Jackets – Is there anything better than a warm jacket on a brisk autumn morning? Jackets are available in heavy duck cotton, microfiber, and nylon coach’s jackets designed to keep folks warm. Insulated, weather resistant, and waterproof jackets protect people from cold October rain and early snow. Name brands, such as Port Authority, Eddie Bauer, and Colombia are available as promotional wear. A promotionally branded jacket from you to your valued customers will be appreciated, worn, seen, and remembered. I have several promotional jackets and coats I’ve worn for years, and every time I put one on I remember the brand, and advertise for them.

Embroidered sweatshirts – Add your logo to a sweatshirt for all to see. There are hooded, zippered, ¼ zip, wicking, and fleece lined sweatshirts all ready for your company name, logo, and tagline.

Fall Football Fun

“When you head to the stands this fall to watch your favorite team, don’t forget specialty products; they support your team and your organization. Don’t underestimate the importance of support to your team, who knows; with enough support they might go undefeated.”  — Fun fall football fan gear

Back to School

“Take advantage of the early start and longer school year with promotional products that show off school pride. There are specialty products to fit every season of school, from the heat of August to the snow in January.”  — Back to school promotional products

Happy Halloween!

“It may be 95 degrees outside, but its mid-September, and that means Halloween can’t be far off. My wife and I enjoy Halloween—it’s a pretty big deal at our house. We’ve already ordered Halloween pencils to give away. Have you considered the promotional product opportunities Halloween offers you and your organization?” — Halloween Promotional Products  And here are more ideas, Trick or Treat Promotional Products.  

Fall in with Autumn Promotional Products

Whether (or should that be weather?) fall is your favorite time of year or not it’s a time to share promotional products with your fans—customers, employees, and vendors. If you’d like help finding the perfect promotional product for the season Contact Us. We won’t let you “fall” on your face this autumn.

Photo Credit: Unsplash Photos Photo by Timothy Eberly