Want to Reach Customers? Simplify Your Marketing 

Have you ever heard of decision paralysis? You’ve most likely experienced it. It’s when your brain locks up at making a decision because of the fear of making a poor choice. The more choices there are, the more complicated the decision, and the more complex the decision, the more chance of paralysis. As logical as […]

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Top Ten Ways to Differentiate Your Brand

40 years ago I managed a shoe store. In 1976 store staff waited on customers, measured feet, suggested styles, retrieved shoes from the back room, removed the customer’s shoes, and then slid the new shoes on their feet. I’m not making this up. The store was in a mall and between other shoe stores and […]

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4 Types of B2B Customers and How to Approach Them

It’s easy to forget that B2B (Business to Business) marketing is profoundly different from B2C (Business to Consumers). B2B providers may know this but, too often, they treat marketing to their B2B audience as if they were B2C. It’s not the same game. Knowing the difference begins with understanding theses 4 types of B2B customers.

The […]

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How to be a Promotional Marketer

Promotional Marketing uses value-added assets to reach prospective customers and retain existing clients by enhancing the company, product, or service. Simply put, sharing products that benefit interested parties gives organizations an advantage over competition. The key to promotional marketing is to give your customer something useful, appropriate, and memorable.

The Suit will Cost you, but the […]

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Bad Bad Buttons

I should begin by divulging that I don’t hate all buttons, only buttons that detract and interfere with a page. For example, floating buttons, especially those vertical buttons attached to the left side of a website. You know…the ones that interfere with copy forcing you to look over, under, and around them to view the information. […]

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