So, should you use promotional products for the holidays? While promotional products can be used for nearly anything, using them for holiday parties and events is often overlooked. If a name and contact information can be printed or stamped on an item, it’s a promotional product. Holiday party napkins, place mats, and centerpieces can all tastefully share your company name and logo.

Be Fun and Usable with Your Brand

If you’re giving gifts to customers, employees, and vendors why not add you brand? And when you provide something useful, such as a Wheelie Luggage Backpack or a Wine set it may be used for years. People keep these items and see your message for as long as they have them.

What special occasions are coming soon? Is there an awards banquet, open house, or other company event on your calendar? Christmas, and New Years are just around the corner — what else is on your schedule, and what promotional products would best send your message for these occasions? If we can help you find the perfect advertising specialty gift, Contact Us.

Here’s something just for fun, but it might give you a few holiday promotional product ideas.

The 10 Days of Holiday Promotional Products

The holidays are a gift-giving season, and it’s become a tradition for businesses and organizations to share promotional gifts with loyal customers. Since it’s difficult to brand a logo on a partridge, or print a phone number on a turtle dove, we offer these alternatives.

On the 10th day of Holiday, my doctor gave to me:
A notepad with emergency numbers.

On the 9th day of Holiday, my dry cleaner gave to me:
Chocolates with a 2 for 1 coupon.

On the 8th day of Holiday, my hairdresser gave to me:
A coffee mug with her logo on it.

On the 7th day of Holiday, my mechanic gave to me:
A mouse pad with a 57′ Chevy.

On the 6th day of Holiday, my auto dealer gave to me:
A ball cap that says they are number one!

On the 5th day of Holiday, my Alma-mater gave to me:
5 frosted cookies.

On the 4th day of Holiday, my office gave to me:
A briefcase branded with our company’s name.

On the 3rd day of Holiday, my church gave to me:
A calendar filled with all their yearly events.

On the 2nd day of Holiday, my club gave to me:
A T-shirt exclaiming membership.

On the 1st day of Holiday, my insurance agent gave to me:
A stress ball with their national claims number.

The holidays are closer than you think, so check out what TKO Marketing Solutions has to offer.

So, is it time? Yes, it is. It’s Time to Order Holiday Products

Photo by Eugene Zhyvchik on Unsplash