The promotional product business is an 18 billion dollar per year industry. That’s a lot of promotional products. Have you ever wondered where the 18 billion dollars goes? Because I have. So, who uses promotional products, and what is their purpose? Who are businesses trying to reach, and what actions do they hope clients and prospects will take? What are the top marketing strategies for promotional products? I don’t have an answer to all of these questions, but I can shed some light on how businesses use promotional products.

How do Businesses use Promotional Products?

Listed below are the top ten uses for promotional products by category and percentage of use.

  1. 11.64 % Other – This includes products other than the nine listed below. Advertising specialty products include nearly any product.
  2. 11.27 % Business Gifts –  Giving gifts to customers has become a tradition during the holidays. But gift giving to clients, as well as prospects, can be a year-round marketing strategy. Is it Time to Think about Holiday Promotional Gifts?
  3. 10.72 % Brand Awareness – Tying promotional products to a business brand can extend the reach of that brand. Apparel, drinkware, and products that compliment a provider’s product. For example, an HVAC company sharing branded tools, all help solidify the brand.
  4. 10.10 % Trade Shows – What better time to share branded promotional products than a trade show? Promos draw people into a booth and keep a business in the prospects mind. And finally, there’s more than trade shows. At TKO we’ve used multiple branded give-aways at an open house, at a company picnic, and other events.  How to Choose Trade Show Give-Aways
  5. 7.85 % Employee Recognition – Promotional are an excellent way to recognize milestones and achievements. They foster a positive and motivated environment. At TKO we also reward employees for social media shares with branded apparel.
  6. 6.38 % Lead Generation – Promotional products make prospects aware of your product or service and drive leads to your sales funnel.
  7. 6.27 Not for Profit – This includes fundraisers promoted by a charity or any business supporting the charity. Public awareness campaigns, community initiatives, and calls to action for volunteers can be supported with promotional products.
  8. 5.35 % Public Relations – Promotional products can be used to enhance the image of an organization. And they can as share newsworthy information with the media and others.
  9. 5.16 % Employee Service Awards – Recognizing service through awards, and other products, is important because it gives the recipient a material reminder of their achievement.
  10. 4.50 % Dealer Programs – TKO has built and continues to manage several company stores for organizations and their dealers. Is it Time for an Online Company Store?

*Numbers from PPAI Sales Research

What are Your Marketing Strategies? 

Promotional products abound, and the uses for them are many and varied. From employee recognition to lead generation, promotional products fill a role that other forms of marketing and advertising miss.

Of the ten top uses for advertising specialty products listed above, which marketing strategies are you not currently using, and which should you add?  If you’d like to discuss this further Contact Us, we’re working on number 6.