You have a new product that you’re excited about. It solves a problem. It’s something folks are looking for. Your customers need it. It should be a home run, not only because it’s a great product, but because it will help people. It fits a niche and fills a need. But if no one hears about it, what good does it do?

9 ways to get the word out

Website – Introduce your new product on your landing page. Share the problem your new product solves and offer an opt-in to learn more. For example, let’s say you’re an electrician, and you’ve invented a new, programmable, year-round holiday light system. You could begin with the problem, “Are you tired of putting up and taking down holiday lights? Go here to learn how to never do it again.”

Print – Don’t forget about print collateral. If you have a showroom, attend trade shows, or have salespeople, you need print such as brochures and one-pagers. Not everybody wants to go online, and most people like something in the hands to read and review.

Email – If your product solves a problem or fits a niche for your customer, be sure to inform them. Once again give them an opt-in. Let your client decide if it fits their needs and you’ll be seen as helpful, not as an over-prompting, hard sales practitioner.

Train your staff – There may be no more sincere way to promote a new product than one-on-one with customers. Train your entire staff, not only inside and outside salespeople, but CSR’s, installers, and production personnel about your new offering. Hold a seminar, about the new product, for your entire team—you never know who they may meet.

Social media – Whatever networks you use be sure to share your product, but don’t over-promote. The 80/20 rule is a good system to follow. Post and share 80% from others and 20% your promotions. Remember no one has to follow you on social networks they have to want to follow you. Keep in mind that taking part in conversations may be the best way to garner interest in your new product on social networks.

Promotional products – Adding a promotional product to a new product introduction can set the stage for product discussion. For example, if you’re promoting new software why not download product information on a giveaway Flash Drive.

Signage – There are hundreds of ways to advertise your new product with temporary signage. What’s the best temporary sign?

Paid Advertising – There’s a time and a place to buy ads. From Facebook to TV if that’s where your target audience is you may need to belly up and buy an ad or two.

Open House– A well-planned event is an excellent way to introduce customers, vendors, and interested parties to your new product and it gives you the opportunity to showcase your facilities.

Your new product can only serve those who hear about it

If you’ve spent the time and money to analyze a problem and create a solution, then spend the time and money to shout your message to the world. If you’re proud of what you have–share it. Train your staff, take out and ad, print a one-pager, and post it on Facebook. Let people know the problems you solve and they will come.

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