How does any organization know what specialty advertising products are best for them? The place to start is by reviewing the overall most popular promotional products. Most likely the best products for your organization are on this list. Take a look.

10. A simple piece of cloth can be a branded flag, towel, headband, or blanket! Blankets make great promotional products.

9. Sporting gear. And not only apparel, but monitoring devices such as fit bits, water bottles, and golf tees make great swag. Planning a golf tournament.

8. Make it fun. Games are a great way to brand any organization aligning the culture with fun…is fun. Promotional Products can be all Fun & Games!

7. Awards. People thrive on recognition—employees, customers, and vendors alike. People appreciate and cherish trophies, plaques, and certificates.Recognition awards. Computer and office accessories.

6. Flash Drives. Can anyone ever have enough flash drives? Aren’t you always looking for another one? Paper, pads, and pens top the list.

5. It’s in the bag! Bags to take shopping, ones for gifts, and totes of all sizes and shapes are popular with everyone from kids to seniors. Bags make great impressions.

4. Cups. And not only cups but all sorts of drinkware. Water bottles, celebratory glassware, and even crystal. Mugs and more.

3. Calendars. In December my dentist game me a pocket calendar. A vendor sent me a desk calendar. And our local community left a wall calendar in our mailbox. And you know what? I went out and bought two more that I needed. Even with Notebook, Goggle Calendar and other online calendars, printed calendars continue to be popular. How many do you have?

2. Pens and Pencils in all variations. Felt tips, ball points, and old-timey fountain pens, as well as highlighters and markers. You can’t have enough pens can you?

And the number one answer is…Survey says…Drum roll, please. Clothing – Caps, jackets, shoes, and shirts of all types—T-shirts, golf shirts, corporate shirts, long sleeve and short, shirts are popular.

How many of these products does your business share?

Do you share all of the above with your clients and employees? Which products fit your company culture and the needs of your customers? What products should you share as SWAG that you don’t presently offer? If you’d like to discuss this further let us know,  promotional products are a “popular” topic around here.


*Facts from PPAI Fact Book.