Does your business give away promotional products? Do you share them with employees to acknowledge their contributions? Do you give them to customers, prospects, and vendors? Branded merchandise is given away at events, trade shows, and even online. Advertising specialty products are American as apple pie. When a business shares useful, worthwhile promotional produces they are appreciated and remembered. So, the question we have for you is, are you taking advantage of all of your SWAG sharing opportunities? Here are ten ways to use promotional products.

Advertising Specialty Occasion and Event Checklist

‘Tis the Season

“Any product can have a name, logo, or call to action placed on it. There are more than ½ million promotional products used to advertise and promote businesses and organizations. Some of these products make fitting holiday gifts, and some don’t. But even the ones that fit may not show the true spirit of the holidays. While some holiday promotional products are exclusive for Christmas and other holidays.” — Holiday Products in the Spirit of the Season.

Conventions, Presentations, and Trade Shows

“The first step in deciding on specialty products to represent your organization is to understand your company culture, product, prospect, and the show. The best trade show promotional products fit all four.” — How to choose trade show giveaways.

Recognition and Appreciation of Employees

“Whether it’s recognizing tenure, achievement, safety, or character, teammates want recognition for their accomplishments, and a little SWAG goes a long way.” —   The Top Ten Times to Recognize Employees

Show Your Customers Some Love

If you want to take your relationship with loyal customers to the next level do it with a little appreciation. Show you care, and your customers will pay you back as advocates for your brand.

Let Your Vendors Know Your Care

We all have vendors who have become more than a supplier, but a friend, someone who has stood by us and helped us over bumpy roads. But have we told them how much we appreciate what they’ve done, or better yet showed them with a gift?

Launch a New product

“You have a new product that you’re excited about. It solves a problem. It’s something folks are looking for. Your customers need it. It should be a home run, not only because it’s a great product, but because it will help people. It fits a niche and fills a need. But if no one hears about it, what good does it do?” — 9 Ways to Promote Your New Product.

Open House

Door prizes, branded merchandise, and collateral materials are almost a no-brainer for an open house. Be sure to plan ahead not only for advertising specialties but the overall event. How to Conduct an Open House.


Do you offer #SWAG in exchange for opting in? Promotional products can be an excellent lead magnet. — How Lead Magnets Can Fill the top of Your Funnell. 

Local Personalities

Regional on-air and print personalities appreciate SWAG too. And they remember it. Just ask the Smiley Radio Show about the SWAG they received from TKO.

Surprise Guests

You should always have some branded promotional products ready when a new prospect, previous customer, or interested party, such as a banker makes a surprise stop at your location.

Using this Checklist

One of the keys to successful promotional product use is planning. We’ve shared ten ways to use promotional products, but advertising specialties lost in a dark closet gathering dust don’t do much for you or your prospects. And one or two products given away to everyone miss the mark. The best SWAG fits a specific event or customer.

  • Stay attuned to your industry
  • Know your customer and their needs
  • Choose products that fit the occasion

Ways to Use Promotional Products Begins with You

Taking the time to analyze the opportunities and prepare for them will improve promotional product marketing possibilities. Using specialty products to promote your brand is a proven and cost-effective marketing strategy. If something works—do more of it. Find ways to use promotional products that fit your needs. If you’d like to learn about branded promotional products for your business Contact Us. We’d like the opportunity.