When print collateral is discussed most business people think of sales sheets and brochures. There are a few other forms of print collateral that can be just as influential in promoting an organization and bringing leads to the top of the sales funnel.

Business forms – Business forms should be part of the organization’s brand not separate from it. All forms should share the brands logo, colors, fonts, and contact information.  Do your Business Forms Represent you?

Letterhead – An organizations letterhead may be the first direct contact a prospective client has with an organization. It should reflect the brand in a professional manner. Why Your Stationary should Rock

Rip cards – These collateral pieces aren’t for everyone, but they have more uses than canvassing. Other examples include placing cards on mirrors in vehicles after service and putting cards on hotel room doors during a convention. Or they could be used as promotional pieces in an office for activities such as a wellness initiative. Rip Cards: Have you Been Ripped Off?

Direct mailers – The key to direct mail is to keep the design simple and the message clear. Creating an Effective Direct Mail Piece

Pocket folders – These often overlooked pieces can be custom designed to fit a brand and share a message.  What you Need to Know About Pocket Folders

Business cards – Business cards shouldn’t be an afterthought. They should be designed and produced to the highest quality to match a brand. Why Business Cards are Still Essential

Sales Sheets – Whether they are one-pagers, tri-folds, or brochures, sales sheets can be used to introduce new products and present solutions to the customer’s pain and problems.

Fact Sheets – The key to an effective fact sheet is to present the facts in an easily digestible format such as bullet points while avoiding insider industry jargon. Sharing the benefits by explaining how features help the consumer can make all the difference.

Thank you cards – Old fashioned snail mail thank you cards make an impact and leave a lasting impression whether they are hand delivered, left on a desk, or sent through the mail. Are you Too Lazy to Send Thank You Cards?

And the number one answer is… drum roll please, Brochures – Today some folks wonder about the usefulness of brochures. When everything is online, available on websites, and easy to email, why are brochures needed at all? Because the more senses involved, the more message is received, and a lot of people like something in hands. Many people prefer a printed brochure rather than viewing information on a computer screen. Why Brochures are Still a Valid Marketing Tool

There you have it, our top ten print collateral pieces. How many of the ten do you use? What pieces would you like to add to your marketing campaign? If you’d like to discuss this further let us know, we’ll send you a brochure.