So, who uses promotional products? That’s easy to answer – everyone. Should you use promotional products? If you want the most cost-effective method of sharing a message, then yes you should use promotional products. Here are a few examples.



Footballs, baseballs, basketballs, and soccer gear with the school, team name, and mascot emblazoned on them. Branded Pom-poms and boomsticks can fill the stands.


Booster jackets, caps, bullpen tee shirts, car flags, and felt pennants to hang on the student’s bedroom wall and share school pride.


Backpacks, computer bags, duffel bags, and spirit cinch sacks will help the stylish student organize his or her homework, books, computers, and more.


Pens, pencils, and notebooks are never out of demand. Especially when the school’s name or mascot is printed for all to see.” – For more school promotional products,  click here, Back to School Promotional Products


“Financing the many and varied extracurricular school activities has always been a challenge. Because, in today’s social climate, it may be more difficult than ever. So, it’s not uncommon for traditional programs to experience budget cuts or have their funds slashed entirely. Therefore, it’s critical to find effective methods to replace those funds. Because, while most schools offer fan-gear and other specialty branded products, many rely on happenstance rather than actively marketing these products. Because, using modern marketing strategies to promote your products will increase revenue and add convenience for your supporters.” — Marketing Fan Gear Effectively for School Fundraising


“Banks and other financial institutes are famous for supporting the communities in which they do business. They sponsor golf outings and promote charitable initiatives. And they share branded promotional products with their clients. There are thousands of advertising specialty products designed for banks, and there are thousands of traditional products from pens to caps that can be made to fit a financial institutes brand and needs.” – So, if you’d like a few specific products check it out, Something to Bank on—Promotional Products for Financial Institutes

Health Care Providers

“Is it just me or do others sometimes forget that most health care providers are for-profit businesses? Health care providers are in the business of helping others, of doing good, so it’s easy to forget that they need to market their product. One of the easiest, most effective, and least expensive ways to market any product is with specialty advertising products. There are thousands of promotional products perfect for health care marketing.” Learn more here, Promotional Products for Health Care Providers


“Helping Not-for-Profits with appropriate advertising specialty products aligns your organization with the charity creating a positive image.” — Top Ten Uses for Promotional Products

Insurance Agencies

“If you’re working at an insurance agency, or you’re an agent, you already use promotional products. You may give away pens, refrigerator magnets, or notepads, but you’re using something to promote your brand. All of the specialty products above are excellent marketing materials, but let’s consider a few more.” — Promotional Products for Insurance Agencies

So, Who Uses Promotional Products? Everyone

Building trades, government, associations, churches, clubs, Real Estate agents, the automotive industry, manufacturers, attorneys, and architects – the list goes on. Because the bottom line is who couldn’t use promotional products to share a message, brand an organization, market a product, or promote a call to action.

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