9 10, 2018

Promotional Products for the Business Traveler

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My wife and I just finished watching the first two seasons of the Netflix science fiction series Travelers. The story is about people from the future sending their consciousness back to the 21st century into people as they are about to perish. The mission of the “travelers” is to help humankind.  Today, I’m not talking […]

25 09, 2018

SWAG Scarfs are Fun, Useful, and Appreciated

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Does your business use promotional products in their marketing campaigns? If so, what advertising specialty products do you most often hand out? Whatever you give away, ask yourself this, is it something people will appreciate? Because, if you’re unsure, why not give away something that you know people will keep and use. Because when you […]

11 09, 2018

Write this Down People Like Memo Pads 

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Yes, people like memo pads, and that means your customers, prospects, employees, and vendors like them. Not only do people like memo pads but they use them and keep them. And when it comes to promotional products there’s not much that’s more important than people liking and using your advertising specialty.

Regardless of how cutting edge, […]

5 09, 2018

Your Customers Would Love a Phone Accessory Kit

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Your customers would love a phone accessory kit. That’s a strong statement, isn’t it? How can we know this? Did TKO Marketing Solutions conduct an extensive survey, complete A/B testing, or interview users? No, we did not. Our conclusion is based on two pieces of information. When we saw the phone accessory kits, everyone on […]

20 08, 2018

Give Back with Promotional Backpacks

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Whenever I think of backpacks, I recall one of my top 100 favorite books, “A Walk in the Woods,” by Bill Bryson. There’s a scene in the book where Bill, who is about to embark on hiking the Appalachian trail, visits a hiking store in search of proper equipment, including a backpack. The trail packs […]

6 08, 2018

Your Customers Will Fall for Tumblers

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We’ve all heard certain types of drinkware called tumblers. Many of us have used the word to describe glassware, not gymnast. But what is a tumbler and why will your customers fall for them?

A tumbler is a flat-bottomed, straight sided, drinking vessel without a handle or stem. Today they come in various sizes and shapes. […]

30 07, 2018

Are You Ready For Some Football?

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Why in the heck are we talking about football in July? Because it’s just around the corner and will be here sooner than you think. Players at every level are involved in preparation and practice, coaches are assessing talent and forming games pans, and fans are searching the internet for stories about their team. The […]