Promotional products are perfectly suited to fit the season as well as any marketing strategy whatever time of year. Whether its gifts to clients at Christmas or products to support a golf outing, promotional products add to any event. And that’s why you need a promotional product advertising checklist.

Have you ever attended an event and wondered why the promoters didn’t use advertising specialty products? Or worse yet, have you sponsored an event and forgot about promo products?

This checklist is to help you organize your promotional calendar. The best way to use this calendar is to look two months ahead. For example, in March check out May promotional products so you’ll be prepared to order them in of plenty of time.

No need to open all the links today. Bookmark this checklist and look at each month individually when the time comes.

Your Promotional Product advertising Checklist 


How many Christmas cards did your business receive last year? Did any standout? Were some lost in the avalanche of cards? Have you ever received a New Year’s card? If you’d like to get noticed, try this. Greeting Cards for any Holiday. Here are a few more ideas New Year’s Promotional Products


Speaking of cards and gifts, if your industry is involved in any aspect of romance, then this is a no-brainer, but you don’t have to be a matchmaker to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your customers. Valentine’s Day Promotional Presents


The First Day of Spring, the Spring Equinox, falls, I mean springs, on March 20th in 2017. It’s time to think about warmer weather products, Spring into Promotional Products. And don’t forget your Irish customers! St Patrick’s Day Promotional Products.


MLB (Major League Baseball) opens on April 2nd, 2017 with three games. Promotional Products to take out to the Ballgame. Easter Sunday is April 16th in 2017 (my little sister’s birthday). Stand Out with Easter Promotional Products.


It’s racing season, so it’s time to get your racing gear on, Racing to the Promotion.  And you best get ready for the summer sun. Better yet, help your customers prepare for the heat. Promotional Products: What’s Hot this Summer.


Speaking of the sun, what better gift than summer skin care products Skin Care: Summer Sun and SWAG. And don’t forget all of your clients on the links, The Top Ten Golf Promotional Products


It’s time for Independence Day, This 4th of July you can share flags, hats, fans, buttons and more. And while you’re at it give away a few products that are Designed to Beat the Heat.


It’s back to school season so be prepared with Back to School Promotional Products.


It’s starting to cool down, and there’s something in the air. Is that a football spiraling past? Fun Fall Football Fan Gear. By the end of the month, a nip is in the air it’s time to think about Autumn Promotional Products that Don’t Fall Short. 


Trick or Treat! Be ready for Halloween with Treats and Tricks: Halloween Promotional Products. Beware, you may need help with monsters and more, Promotional Products for Zombies, Vampires, and Werewolves.


November is about Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving is about Food and Love.


Merry Christmas! Don’t get caught last minute shopping for Christmas gifts—plan ahead. Is it Time to Think about Holiday Promotional Gifts?  Is there a special customer you want to recognize? Choosing the Right Promotional Product for an Executive. If you’d like some ideas here’s what we gave customers in 2015 Merry Christmas from TKO Marketing Solutions.

And a Happy New Year!

There you have it, your 12-month promotional product checklist and calendar. So if you’re supposed to look two months ahead then what month should be looking at right now? Are you ready to begin using your promotional product advertising checklist?

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